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AMENA-Psy Student Committee Hosted Webinars

Webinars hosted by the AMENA-Psy Student Committee cover a wide range of topics related to professional development. Topics may be related to research, practice, and advocacy. Recorded webinars are made available for active AMENA-Psy members at the discretion of the speaker. We welcome those who are interested in presenting to contact us at
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Process & Benefits of Board Certification

Dr. Alexander Malik Khaddouma, ABPP, is a licensed Psychologist and board certified in Couple and Family Psychology. He is currently a staff psychologist and coordinator of outreach services at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. During this webinar, he speaks about the process and benefits of seeking board certification especially as they apply to Arab/MENA psychologists, trainees, and students. Watch this video if you are considering the board certification process at any stage of your professional training.

To watch this webinar: CLICK HERE 


WeAreMENA Webinar

The WeAreMENA Webinar © 2021 was organized as part of the WeAreMENA Campaign: A call to action. The contents of this video were designed to provide information on who are Arab/MENA Americans and why it is important to include Arab/MENA in research demographic forms. The Webinar begins with an introduction by Bahaur Amini, our 2020/2021 Student Member-at-Large, background on the campaign, and an introduction of the speakers. The webinar includes round 50 minutes of presentations with a 20 minute Q&A at the end. Thank you for watching!

This webinar is available to the public. To watch this webinar: CLICK HERE


The Role of Spiritual Bypass for Muslims Living in the US


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Ethnic Minority Psychological Association (EMPA) Student Panel: Finding Your Professional Home Through Community!



We recognize that BIPOC psychology students are often underrepresented in their programs and may be unaware of the supportive spaces available to them in the field.

This panel features student leaders from all five APA-recognized Ethnic Minority Psychological Associations, including our own Student Member at Large- Bahaur Amini! Panelists speak about the benefits of student membership, their role as a student on the leadership team, and how they support the student members. Following the one-hour panel discussion is a 30 minute Q&A.

This webinar is available to the public. To watch this webinar: CLICK HERE


How to Talk About Palestine: Allyship for the MENA Community

Collaboration with Student Affiliates of Seventeen

Within the psychology community, discussions of Palestinian human rights are often silenced and condemned. This atmosphere represents a hostile environment: isolating individuals, fomenting discord and polarization. As psychologists, we are charged with the responsibility to advocate for those marginalized and suffering transgenerational effects of trauma and discrimination. By ignoring Palestinian and Palestinian diaspora human rights, we are devaluing their experiences, invalidating their struggles, and complicating their right and access to mental health care. It is time we take a more comprehensive approach to this issue, and contemplate the ethics of silencing Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) voices. Watch Student Affiliates of Seventeen and AMENA-Psy host an educational meeting aimed at addressing how to talk about Palestine, and ways to serve as an advocate and ally for colleagues, trainees, clients, and families within the MENA American community. This webinar includes a brief history of the matter, including the U.S.’s role in facilitating violence and suppression towards the Palestinian diaspora, along with recommendations and talking points for allyship.

This webinar is available to the public. To watch this webinar: CLICK HERE