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2021 AMENA-Psy Conference

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our updated FAQ Page for more questions related to the conference day!


Submitting your Proposal*


When will the Call for Submissions close and where can I submit a proposal?

A: Proposal submissions will close at 11:59pm PST on July 1st, 2021. You can submit your proposal here


When will I hear back about the decision regarding my submission? 

A:  The person who submitted the proposal will be notified at least two weeks before the early bird registration deadline on September 1, 2021. 


How will my co-authors be notified of the decision on our submission? 

A: Only the person who submitted the proposal will be notified about the submission decision. The submission notification will be sent via email, and it will be the responsibility of the submitter to notify co-authors of the decision. 


Is there a limit on how many presentations I can submit?

A: No. There is no limit for presentations submitted. 


I don’t do research on Arab/MENA populations. Can I still submit a proposal? 

A: Proposal submissions must be related to Arab/MENA populations and this year’s theme MENA Matters: Increasing Visibility in Psychology. You may have conducted research in which your sample included other populations as well, however, MENA representation should be clearly included and implications should be discussed as they relate to MENA populations, specifically. Please contact with any other questions or concerns. 


What if I am unable to present during the time scheduled for my presentation? 

A: Submitting a proposal implies a commitment to attend the conference and deliver the proposed presentation if accepted. Given the challenges associated with scheduling, we hope our presenters understand that we are unable to provide alternative presentation times. It is mandatory that one of the listed author’s is available to deliver the presentation. If none are available, please inform ASAP. 


*Please see the proposal submission guide for further details and information on how to submit your proposal. 




When is the deadline for registration?

A: The deadline for registration is September 25th, however, the early bird deadline for registration is September 1st, 2021 at 11:59pm PST. 


What is the cost to register?

A:  The conference registration fees can be found here on the registration website  


Do I need to be an AMENA-Psy member to attend the conference?

A: No! Anyone is welcome to register and attend! However, reduced registration fees are available for members. Please consider becoming a member and taking advantage of a reduced conference fee and member benefits! 


Do I need to register for the conference if I plan to present? 

A: Yes, all conference presenters will be required to register for the conference. First authors will be notified at least two weeks before the early bird registration deadline and are expected to notify their co-presenters. Presenters are not required to be AMENA-Psy members, however, reduced registration fees are available for members (see FAQ #7). 


Do authors and co-authors have to pay for registration? 

A: Any authors who submitted a proposal and thus plan to present at the conference must pay the registration fee. Co-authors (i.e., non-presenting authors who did not formally submit the proposal) who plan to attend the conference must also pay the registration fee. 


I would like to register for only one day of the conference. Is there a reduced rate?

A: We do not offer single day registrations. Please contact us at  for additional questions.


What if I don’t do research on MENA populations, what can I gain from attending the conference?  

A: We understand that not all attendees’ or AMENA-Psy members’ research interests are related to Arab/MENA American psychology. Although the majority of the conference will highlight scholarship and research with MENA American populations, we also plan to have programming related to professional development (e.g., applying for internship/post docs, networking, and research funding). In addition to learning about the latest research and advances in Arab/MENA American psychology, we hope those who are not presenting plan to join us and benefit from these programs. 


What will this virtual conference look like?

A: We will have a mix of concurrent and “main stage” sessions. We have embedded breaks throughout each day. More information to come as the conference date approaches.


Where can I find the conference program?

A: An overview of the program schedule is currently available on our conference website. Registrants will receive a final version of the program with information on accessing the conference closer to the conference date. If you registered for the conference and did not receive a full program by 7am EST on September 24, 2021, please email us at


I want to attend multiple presentations during the same time block. Will presentations be recorded and made available to conference attendees?

A: Only the main stage speaker events, along with a few of the panels/presentations, will be recorded. Recordings will be available for a limited time after the conference to those who have registered.


How do I contact the presenters? 

A: We encourage all presenters who wish to share their contact information to provide such details during the time of their presentation or during networking events.


I have a question that is not listed here. Who should I contact?

A: Please direct all other inquiries to