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The Problem:

The exclusion of MENA as a distinct category in the U.S. Census has resulted in a lack of health data, political power, and acquisition of social services for MENA individuals living in the U.S. Adding a MENA category is important because, a) it provides participants the choice to self-identify, b) it accurately captures participants experiences, and c) it informs policies and resource allocation for MENA communities. Furthermore, exclusion of MENA in research further perpetuates the disparities and pattern of exclusion. 

Our Request:

We are calling on researchers to acknowledge the minority status of MENA people in the United States through the inclusion of a MENA demographic category in data collection in the following ways

1. Include MENA in your research and have your students include a MENA demographic category in their work, thesis, dissertation research, etc. 
  • Consider one of the two templates in the one-page handout we designed for incorporation into your research practices.
2. Share MENA research and advocate for MENA inclusion in professional spaces
  1. Read and share work by MENA professionals 

  2. Integrate MENA research and information into the curriculum and teaching

  3. Visit and support the work of AMENA-Psy:

3. Listen to/watch experts Dr. Germine Awad and Dr. Maryam Kia-Keating speak to the importance of MENA representation and present their research at our WeAreMENA Webinar. The recording of the webinar can be found here!
4. Spread the word!
  • Share this email with your colleagues and encourage your collaborators to incorporate MENA starting today! 
5. Share information about our campaign via social media and tag us! Our social media accounts are listed below. 
#WeAreMENA is a campaign led by student members of AMENA-Psy who identify as scholars, researchers, practitioners within psychology. If you would like more information, please feel free to reach out to us at with the subject line “ATTN: WeAreMENA”


We appreciate you stopping by our page and supporting our campaign! 


#WeAreMENA Campaign Committee (2020/2021)
Led By: AMENA-Psy Student Committee