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AMENA-Psy believes in supporting and celebrating the next generation of scientific innovators, expert practitioners and visionary leaders in psychology.

Our graduate student members are pivotal in building a better future for psychology by increasing representation of MENA psychologists, serving Arab/MENA communities in the U.S., and/or increasing awareness and visibility of Arab/MENA psychology.

Congratulations to our graduate student members, and best wishes as they prepare to move forward to their final stages of doctoral training and careers in psychology. 


Post-graduate Career (Starting 2021)

  • Rawan Atari-Khan - Ball State University, Counseling Psychology Ph.D.
    • Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology, Purdue University
  • Mohamed Elnakib - Alliant University, Clinical Psychology Psy.D.
    • Psychologist, Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo (El Centro, CA)?
  • Nicole Jamileh Fleischer - Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Clinical Psychology Psy.D.
    • Pediatric Psychologist, St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, Drexel University of Medicine 
  • Jihan Najjar - University of Nebraska Lincoln, Counseling Psychology Ph.D.
    • Staff Psychologist, Albuquerque VA
  • Valencia Youkhanna - University of California, Riverside, School Psychology Ph.D.
    • School Psychologist, North Kansas City Schools

Postdoctoral Intern Cohort (2021/2022)

  • Laila Abdel-Salam - Teachers College, Counseling Psychology Ph.D.
    • Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) (Trauma and Personality Dx Track)
  • Zena Dadouch - Northern Illinois University, Clinical Psychology Ph.D.
    • Austin Child Guidance Center (Fellow)
  • Emily El-Oqlah - University of Memphis, Counseling Psychology Ph.D.
    • University of California Berkeley Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Rahma Hida - North Carolina State University, School Psychology Ph.D.
    • Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School (Psychiatry Consultation Service)
  • Molly Mechammil - Utah State University, Combined Clinical/Counseling Psychology Ph.D.
    • Boston Child Study Center - Los Angeles
  • Habib Salama - University of St. Thomas- Minnesota, Counseling Psychology Psy.D.
    • University of Minnesota - Medical School, Counseling Fellowship (BIPOC focus)

Predoctoral Internship Cohort (2021/2022)

  • Nuha Alshabani - University of Akron, Counseling Psychology Ph.D.
    • Denver Health Medical Center (Adult Track)
  • Bahaur Amini - University of Kansas, Counseling Psychology Ph.D.
    • University of Nebraska Lincoln Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Danna Bismar - University of North Texas, Counseling Psychology Ph.D.
    • Rutgers Biomedical & Health Sciences/NJ Medical School (Child Track)
  • Jaleh Davari - Georgia State University, Counseling Psychology Ph.D.
    • Georgia Tech Counseling Center
  • Diana Diakow - University of Montana, School Psychology Ph.D.
    • The Children's Center - Salt Lake City
  • Alissa Der Sarkissian - University of California, Santa Barbara, School Psychology Ph.D.
    • Didi Hirsch (Child/Family Track)
  • Hanan Hashem - University of Texas at Austin, Counseling Psychology Ph.D.
    • Boston Medical Center's Center for Multicultural Training for Psychologists
  • Halleh Hashtpari - University of Utah, Counseling Psychology Ph.D. 
    • VA Pacific Islands Healthcare System (Generalist Track)
  • Sheila Rouzitalab - Rutgers University, Clinical Psychology Psy.D.
    • Long Island Jewish Medical Center - Zucker Hillside Hospital (Child Psychology Track)
  • Zeina Soued - The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Clinical Psychology Psy.D.
    • Illinois State University, Student Counseling Services
  • Ida Taghavi - University of California, Santa Barbara, Clinical Psychology Ph.D.
    • New York University - Bellevue Hospital (Adult Track)

**Photo: March 2021 - Several Graduate Student Members Celebrating Each Other Post Match Day & Job Offer. 

If you accepted a post-graduate job offer, postdoctoral internship, or matched for predoctoral internship and would like to be listed: Email Bahaur Amini