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AMENA-Psy’s Student Committee's mission is to advocate for the needs of Arab/Middle Eastern/North African (MENA) students in Psychology, including the need for mentorship within the MENA Psychology community. We are excited to launch the 2020-2021 AMENA-Psy Mentorship Program. The aim of the program is to facilitate a year-long mentoring experience. Program enrollment is now open until July 15, 2020. Participants will be matched prior to the start of the Fall 2020 semester. Please see the attached document for an overview of the program and eligibility requirements. 

Program enrollment requires completion of the AMENA-Psy Mentorship Program Interest Form. 

To apply as a mentee, please fill out the Mentee Interest Form.

To apply as a mentor, please fill out the Mentor Interest Form. 


To renew your AMENA-Psy membership, please fill out your application here. If you have any questions regarding the mentorship program or eligibility, please feel free to email

Mentorship Program Overview Document



Too often MENA students feel isolated and unsupported. We want to change that and help students find the resources and support they need. 

The AMENA-Psy Student Committee created this listserv ( to provide graduate and undergraduate student members of AMENA-Psy with an electronic platform for networking and easy access to fellow students for the purpose of sharing information, resources, and opportunities that are relevant to the profession and training in psychology. 

This listserv is only open to undergraduate or graduate students who hold active membership in AMENA-Psy and is separate from the original AMENA-Psy listserv (, which is open to all members of AMENA-Psy. 

This benefit is optional. 

To be added to the student listserv please email Simply type “Add to student listserv” in the subject line.

To be removed, type "Remove from student listserv" in the subject line. 

Please take a moment and read the listserv rules