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The AMENA-Psy Student Committee organized the microinterventions webinar to further contribute to the national conversation on how to be better allies and create a more supportive society for Black communities. Throughout the webinar, we hosted 469 attendees, representing both the field of psychology and community members. We are humbled and appreciative of all the positive feedback and support we received from registrants and attendees. 

The recording will be available until July 9th for those who would like to watch and learn! AMENA-Psy members will have access to the recording until July 28th. 

Sarah Alsaidi developed The Microintervention Workshop © 2020 as part of her dissertation research. The workshop is a comprehensive six hour long training. The contents of this video and the workshop offered were customized to center anti-Black microaggressions. They were also condensed to two hours for the purpose of offering it via a webinar for AMENA-Psy and members of the psychological community. If you are interested in having this workshop offered at your organization, company, or educational institution you can reach out to Sarah Alsaidi directly via her email at or her website to learn more.