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Professional Network and Community

  1. Create a safe, comfortable space for AMENA-Psy members to share ideas, experiences, and resources
  2. Provide social support for psychological students and professionals from Arab/MENA backgrounds or with Arab/MENA interests
  3. Create opportunities for networking among AMENA-Psy members
  4. Promote opportunities for partnerships between AMENA-Psy and other organizations working on related issues

Professional Development

  1. Establish informal and formal mentorship opportunities
  2. Host professional development trainings and opportunities for AMENA members and other professionals interested in gaining awareness of AMENA psychology
  3. Facilitate funding for those from Arab/MENA backgrounds or with Arab/MENA interests by identifying and disseminating announcements for relevant grants and scholarships
  4. Organize opportunities for AMENA members to showcase their work
  5. Issue awards to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of AMENA-Psy members
  6. Promote psychology as a rewarding potential career path among American Arab/MENA youth

Science and Research

  1. Identify priorities for research related to American Arab/MENA communities
  2. Identify funding opportunities for relevant research and increase Arab/MENA representation on funding panels
  3. Encourage culturally competent and scientifically rigorous research
  4. Create standards for ethical research practices relevant to American Arab/MENA communities
  5. Encourage research networks to increase collaborative opportunities
  6. Synthesize existing data and collect new data on trends related to American Arab/MENA psychological issues
  7. Disseminate research findings on Arab/MENA communities to the national and international scholarly communities

Public Awareness and Education

  1. Disseminate information about American Arab/MENA-related issues to the broader public
  2. Conduct outreach activities to promote awareness of Arab/MENA psychological issues
  3. Develop educational resources for teaching American Arab/MENA psychology

Advocacy and Policy

  1. Advance American Arab/MENA voices on key psychological committees and decision making bodies
  2. Develop psychologically informed responses to public issues pertaining to Arab/MENA populations
  3. Engage in policy development related to American Arab/MENA psychological issues
  4. Promote social justice and mobilize against discrimination targeting Arab/MENA populations

Practice and Psychological Wellbeing of AMENA communities

  1. Disseminate behavioral health information to American Arab/MENA communities
  2. Engage in activities aimed at de-stigmatizing mental illness and identifying barriers to care for American Arab/MENA communities
  3. Identify and document the most salient mental health issues affecting American Arab/MENA communities
  4. Promote models of positive psychological wellbeing in American Arab/MENA individuals, families, and communities through sharing intervention best practices
  5. Develop and disseminate culturally competent and ethical guidelines for providing behavioral health services to American Arab/MENA individuals, families, and communities
  6. Host a referral directory to improve access to services