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Race, ethnicity and cultural heritage plays an essential role in understanding the interpersonal and intrapersonal experiences of MENA Americans. It is important for the psychologists who work with MENA American populations to be knowledgeable about the identity development, family and cultural values, and socio-political experiences of this group. AMENA-Psy wants to help psychologists in gaining this knowledge so that they can work more effectively with this unique population. We also hope to help identify culturally appropriate providers so that MENA Americans can find individuals who provide quality behavioral and mental health services.


The goals of this section are to:
     1.  Identify best practices for psychological services and intervention for MENA American communities.
     2.  Disseminate educational materials for mental health providers about counseling and assessment services for MENA Americans living in North America. This information is based on best practice techniques and it will continue to be updated.
     3.  Share resources that would be useful for the development of provider cultural competence workshops.
     4.  Identify psychologists who provide culturally sensitive and culturally responsive clinical and assessment services to MENA Americans. These providers have self-selected to be shared with the public in order to help connect individuals find psychological services in the United States. If you would like to be included in the directory, please contact our Member-at-Large Practice/Applied.